” With the help of my family, on March 15, 1976, Pedal & Spoke Bicycle Center, now known as Pedal & Spoke, Ltd., was born! My dad was a major influence in helping me start the business. Growing up, he was always self-employed. He worked hard at what he loved to make a good life for our family, and this encouraged me to do the same. I have always enjoyed bicycling and after working a number of jobs throughout my school years, I decided to do a market study to find out what type of business the Fox Valley area needed. I was pleased to find that there was a need for a bicycle shop!

Our first location was at 751 Aurora Avenue, Aurora, IL. We started with 15 bikes and a hand-full of accessories, in a spot that, at the time, was way too big for us! In order to fill the space, we kept all the old empty boxes of product in plain sight to make it look like we had twice as much inventory.

Business quickly took off, and we were running out of space. Turns out, our services were greatly needed, and we needed to expand! In 1984, we purchased property at our current location and built a showroom. In 2002, in order to meet the increasing needs of the Fox Valley’s cycling community, we built an addition to double our service area.

By 2012, we were ready to update! We did a complete face-lift of the storefront by adding a new façade. With no more room to expand, we also renovated the interior to make better use of the space. These changes have helped to create a more organized system for our employees so that we can offer a better bike buying experience for our customers.

We have always been a family-oriented business. It has been a joy to work with my family over the years. My son Ashton has had great influence on the shop. He has truly loved biking from an early age and started hanging out at the shop before he could even walk!  He continues as manager of the shop today.

It’s been an exciting journey so far and we are very eager to continue to meet the needs of our community!”

Mike Brackett, Owner