Pro Tip: Insulated Bottles

-Originally posted in 2014-

What's worse than grabbing your bottle and filling your mouth with hot water in the middle of summer? Grabbing your bottle and having it be frozen solid in the winter, I'd say. Well here's something cool: Insulated bottles. Most people only think about them for the summer, but they work really well for the winter, too. Insulated bottles are proven to keep your warm drink warm (and cold drinks cold) for at least twice as long as a regular bottle- depending on conditions. The Purist Insulated bottles we stock use a unique triple insulated design (double wall, a foil-type insulation which keep the outside temperature from getting in, and a blanket-type insulation which keeps the inside temperature from getting out) that is proven to keep your water warm (or cold) for 20% longer than any other squeezable insulated bottle on the market. Plus it has the Purist barrier inside that keeps the bottle from taking on any colors, flavors, or odors of the drink you put in it. Electrolyte-mix drinkers rejoice.

Pick one up, go for a ride, thank me later.