To get the best riding experience on any terrain you need to find your unique active riding position, which will help you climb faster, descend more confidently and ride with less fatigue. This is achieved in conjunction with a trained Body Geometry Fit Specialist who has a complete understanding of your unique biomechanics and experience. Body Geometry is the most complete system to help you become one with your bike.

Fitting & Sizing Services

Basic Sizing


A brief evaluation of rider sitting on the bike- working off generalizations and assumptions about the rider.

~15 Minute process
No physical assessment
Static adjustments to Seat and handlebar height

Body Geometry Sizing


A more in depth and customized sizing with evaluation occurring with the rider's movement.

~45 Minute process
3 Point dynamic physical assessment
Adjustments to Seat position and handlebar height
Assessment and recommendations for Seat and foot bed options

Body Geometry Fitting


A complete, in-depth evaluation to ensure rider and bike are as comfortable and efficient as possible.

~3 Hour process
34 Point dynamic physical assessment
Pre-Fit Interview Discussion of previous injuries, cycling goals, and current issues.
Assessment and adjustment of Seat
Assessment and adjustment of Handlebar
Assessment and adjustment of Controls
Assessment and adjustment of Shoes
Assessment and adjustment of Cleats
Assessment and adjustment of Pedals
Assessment of need for Footbeds, forefoot wedges, cleat wedges, cleat stackers, etc.
Recommendations for Any parts or accessories needed to improve your riding experience
Follow up assessment of changes made

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