Bike Check: Sean’s CruX

Graeme: What do people call you?
Sean: Mostly just Sean, but sometimes S3 or Seanathan, I guess.

G: What kind of bike do you have?
S: Well, I have a few, but this one is a Specialized Crux frame that i build up with custom parts for racing cyclocross.

G: What is your earliest cycling memory?
S: I was on the playground at school when I was 3, maybe, and when the teachers would turn their backs I would carry a tricycle to the top of the tallest slide. Unfortunately, they always caught me before I could go down, though. Haha!

G: What is your ideal bike trip?
S: Definitely doing some sort of touring through the Alps. They've always interested me more than domestic mountains because they’re so much bigger than the hills we have in the States. It's really night and day to me.

G: When did you and this bike become one?
S: Halfway through cross season last year. I started that season on a Fuji that I got back when I was a mechanic at Performance. I was so hooked on the sport and needed something that could keep up with my progressing skills.

G: Why do you like the Crux?
S: Very smooth. I was blown away by the ride quality when I first rode this frame, definitely the best cross bike I tried when I was researching for my upgrade.

G: What is your favorite part on this bike?
S: Definitely my 1x10 SRAM Rival drivetrain.The single chain ring up front is super-efficient and allows for any gearing that I need for any event.The hydro brakes allow for a very controlled amount of deceleration, comes in handy while racing, especially in the more technical sections.

G: When did you enter the sport of cyclocross?
S: 2 years ago I raced Campton cross on a borrowed chrome GT cross bike. I was hooked as soon as I finished my first lap.

G: What do you like to do when you aren’t racing?
S: Whenever I can find time I like to go up to Glendale Heights with some buddies and go rock climbing at Vertical Endeavors. It’s a super welcoming environment; similar to the cyclocross atmosphere. I also enjoy the mental and physical challenges that come with rock-climbing. It really comes in handy when I’m racing on Sundays.

G: What are your cycling plans for this winter?
S: Hopefully I’ll get to ride my single speed Specialized Fuse (another Bike Check coming soon) on some frozen singletrack trails. I’m also looking forward to the Werewolf Rides we have planned over the off season months.