Bike Check: Sam’s RockHopper

Graeme: What is your name?
Sam: Sam Wolf

G: What does your mug at work look like?
S: I don’t drink a lot of coffee, so I never brought a mug in to work. Sean surprised me with one that he picked up from Goodwill. It has a wolf howling on it, it’s a perfect fit.

G: What are we looking at here? (The bike)
S: It is a 2015 Rockhopper Pro Evo.

G: What have you switched out to make your bike unique from the stock build?
S: I’ve switched quite a few things to make it my own. I put on some nice flat pedals and foam grips on right away. I also switched to a single chainring on the front, which has worked out really well. Out of the box, the bike came with a dropper post, it was nice to have but I found I wasn't using it that much so I switched it out for a rigid post.

G: Those are some pretty cool tires, wanna tell us about them?
S: Those are Onza skinwall tires. I’ve had my eye on them for quite a while, but they were out of stock for the longest time. The bike came with blackwall tires; I was curious about the skinwall look. Once they finally came in stock I had to get them. The front is a really meaty 2.4” and the rear is a 2.25”.

G: Where do you find yourself riding most often?
S: I’m going to school at Bradley University in Peoria so I ride down there quite a bit. There are some really fantastic trail systems in the Peoria area. When I am home I mostly ride Saw Wee Kee, it’s always a blast.

G: Best trail system you’ve been too?
S: I visited family a couple of summers ago in Seattle. While I was there I rode Duthie Hill which was awesome. Duthie Hill has lots of jump lines and flow trails, which were all maintained really well, it was just a really different experience from what I am used to. I haven’t seen all the trail systems in the Peoria area yet so maybe that will change.

G: Any summer cycling goals for this upcoming season?
S: I'm looking forward to riding at SWK and Palos a lot.