Bike Check: Phil’s BMX

Graeme: What do people call you?
Phil: Phil or Felipe usually

G: What bike are we talking about here?
P: BMX shred sled 9000

G: Care to elaborate?
P: It's a Credence M.O.D. frame built up with Terrible One, Odyssey, Profile, Eclat and G-Sport parts.

G: What did you do to make it your own?
P: Everything. All hand picked parts to make it as strong yet light as possible.

G: I can't help but notice you don't have any brakes. What gives?
P: No slowing down so you can only ride fast.

G: When did you first get into bmx?
P: Started racing BMX first at 6 then got into freestyle at 12.

G: What is your favorite discipline of bmx? Why?
P: At the moment park or dirt. Something that I can get real high on. But street riding has always been one of my favorites.

G: What’s the highest you’ve ever bunny hopped?
P: 42 inches from flat (40" seen here)

G: How do you feel about bmx vlogs?
P: Meh.

G: Destination bmx trip?
P: Rays in Cleveland or some good trails would be sweet.