Bike Check: Pete’s Fuse

Ashton: What’s your name?
Pete: Pete

A: What do people call you?
P: Keith or Steve. Haha. No one ever understands my name on the phone!

A: What bike are we talking about here?
P: Specialized Fuse

A: What do you use it for?
P: Mountain biking

A: Why do you like it?
P: It’s a slacked out geometry with 3” wide tires so it’s nice and comfy. The stability and traction are super confidence inspiring, too.

A: Wouldn’t a full suspension bike be even more comfy?
P: Well, yeah, I guess what I meant was that it’s comfy and efficient. It’s cheaper than a full suspension bike, too. I've got college bills and such.

A: What’d you do to make it your own?
P: I think the better question would be: what didn’t I do to make it my own? I upgraded the wheels to Industry Nine BackCountry 450, the tires to Specialized Purgatory and Slaughter, the brake rotors to SRAM 2-piece Centerline, the stem to a Ritchey WCS Trail, bars to S-Works carbon, the crank to a SRAM GX, and the chainring to a Wolf Tooth Elliptical direct mount ring. Even the fork has been upgraded to a RockShox Yari since these pictures were taken. Haha. I swapped the seat to a Specialized Phenom because I’m more comfortable on that than the stock Henge. Pretty much the only thing that’s still stock is the shifter and rear derailleur… though I have plans to upgrade to SRAM GX 11-speed in the spring. I also added a flat kit which consists of a Specialized "Big Bore" pump (which is great for the big volume tires) attached to the frame and a tube and tire lever attached to the seat with a Bandit. I like the Bandit because it mounts rigid to the seat so it doesn't swing- unlike a traditional seat bag- and it works really well with the dropper post since there's no strap around the post itself. Oh, and that reminds me: I upgraded the seatpost to a Specialized Command Post.

A: Where’s your favorite place to ride it?
P: Saw Wee Kee in Oswego or Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin

A: Tell us about the most memorable thing you’ve done on this bike.
P: Oh man… So many great memories to choose from…. The first time I ever went to Kettle I was on this bike. Actually, that was the first ride on this bike, too. I remember staying really late after work the night before trying to get it all set up and dialed in for my ride the next morning.