Bike Check: Graeme’s Space Horse

Ashton: What’s your name?
Graeme: Graeme Boland

A: What do people call you?
G: Do people still call me G-Breezy? I think Spart used to call me Houdini because he said I would disappear every day when I first started working at the shop.
A: Why did he think that?
G: Because one of the first things I did when I got there after school was to take out the trash so I'd be outside for like 10 minutes. Haha!

A: What bike are we talking about here?
G: My brand-spanking new All-City Space Horse.

A: What do you use it for?
G: EVERYTHING. I’ve done a few gravel rides, early morning group mixed terrain rides, taken it on some flowy [secret] mountain bike trails, and I'm currently racing cyclocross on it in the Chicago Cross Cup.

A: Why do you like the Space Horse?
G: I love this bike for its versatility. The fact that I can go from a long-distance road ride, to some fun on some multi-track perfectly illustrates my riding identity. This bike handles it all.

A: What’d you do to make it your own?
G: When I first built up this bike, I fit it with flat bars, like you'll see pictured below. At first I thought this was gonna become my commute bike to come to work, but then I started riding it more and doing more on it and realized that the flat bar wasn’t getting it done. So now I’m racing cross with a drop bar on it, but we’ll see what happens after the season ends. Mustache bars are pretty cool…

A: Where’s your favorite place to ride it?
G: Wherever it takes me.

A: Tell us about the most memorable thing you’ve done on this bike.
G: Me and this bike’s relationship together is pretty short, so our memories together are scarce. I’d probably say Rando de Taco 2016. I got to enjoy a few of my favorite things: bikes, tacos, and friends.

Graeme and his All City Space Horse

Flat bar, one shifter, and CX tires

Brooks Cambium C17 Carved seat

SRAM GX derailleur and 11-36t cassette

Bell mounted to the vacant shifter boss.