Stay Cool and Comfortable

We have a wide variety of clothing to help improve your comfort and keep you cool or warm. We have everything from gloves, shoes, shorts, and jerseys. The right clothing will help you enjoy your time on the bike even more. It doesn’t all make you look like a super hero either.


We stock clothing from Specialized and Endura. We have everything from racing kits to casual t-shirts and cargo shorts, all of which are made from advanced sports fabrics to help keep you comfortable.

Safety Gear

We are firm believers in helmets and other safety gear. We stock the industry’s best when it comes to safety. Everything from well ventilated and comfortable helmets, to reflective tape or clothing to help with visibility at night.

The Right Fit

We also stock a wide variety of shoes and gloves to help with comfort and fit. Cycling shoes offer many different benefits including a stiffer sole and proper arch support to fit each rider. With the correct fit and style, cycling shoes can greatly enhance your experience on a bike. Both the shoes and gloves use Body Geometry technology to better fit and compliment the body in order to create a better overall experience.