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Tune-up and Storage Specials

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storage special tune-up 2014

Black Saturday Sale

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Black Saturday-03-01

Niner ROS9Plus

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Are you fat bike curious, but not sold on going all the way to a 3.8″ or wider tire? Check this thing out. It’s called 29+ and it has normal mountain bike geometry so it’s super fun to ride, but the 3″ wide tire gives you lots of traction and flotation. Sort of a happy medium kind of thing. This Niner ROS9Plus is super new and super hot. This one is one of the first in the country and almost definitely the first one in the state. It’s so hot that this particular one is already sold and on its way to Saw Wee Kee, but don’t stress- we have another one coming (in medium). If this is what you’re into, call and get the next one on hold.

A better mousetrap

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About a year ago one of the fine folks over at Crank Brothers called to see if I’d seen their new tire lever. This new tire lever was the best tire lever ever made, he told me. Yeah, sure. Tire levers are a dime a dozen, in my opinion. Everyone thinks theirs is the best, but in reality they’re all the same because they have one simple job: remove a tire from a rim. It’s hard to do that better than it’s currently being done. The essential design of a tire lever hasn’t changed since the beginning of time. I told him all this, by the way (I’ve found that companies like feedback, especially if it’s bad).

He assured me I was wrong and that he wanted to send me one to prove it. I obliged. So here it is, the Crank Brothers Speedier lever, a year later:


Women’s ride!

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Women's Ride Flyer October 2014-01

Niner BSB9RDO in stock!

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The Tour de France is over, which means cyclocross season is almost here. If you don’t know what cyclocross is, check out this video: What is cyclocross?

If you do know what cyclocross is, then you know that the new Niner BSB9RDO is awesome and that you want it. Well, you’re in luck, we just got one. Come check it out while it lasts. These bikes are super hard to get, so this is kind of a big deal.

Many of the folks from the shop will be racing this year, so come out and race with us or just cheer/heckle us on! Check the schedule of races here.