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Is your face capable of smiling?
Do you want to get paid to hang out here and talk bikes for hours at a time?
Come talk to us! We’re hiring for a sales oriented position!
Part time or full time hours available.


(Another) Werewolf Ride

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Werewolf Ride 3-5-15-01

Werewolf Ride

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Werewolf Ride 2-3-15-01

Pro Tip: Insulated Bottles

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What’s worse than grabbing your bottle and filling your mouth with hot water in the middle of summer? Grabbing your bottle and having it be frozen solid in the winter, I’d say. Well here’s something cool: Insulated bottles. Most people only think about them for the summer, but they work really well for the winter, too. Insulated bottles are proven to keep your warm drink warm (and cold drinks cold) for at least twice as long as a regular bottle- depending on conditions. The Purist Insulated bottles we stock use a unique triple insulated design (double wall, a foil-type insulation which keep the outside temperature from getting in, and a blanket-type insulation which keeps the inside temperature from getting out) that is proven to keep your water warm (or cold) for 20% longer than any other squeezable insulated bottle on the market. Plus it has the Purist barrier inside that keeps the bottle from taking on any colors, flavors, or odors of the drink you put in it. Electrolyte-mix drinkers rejoice.

Pick one up, go for a ride, thank me later.


It’s not too cold, you’re just wearing the wrong clothes: A snow bike ride

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Four brave souls ventured out for a group ride Wednesday night. The plan was to strap on some lights, ride the snow covered Fox River Trail from the bike shop up to Penrose Brewery in Geneva for a pint and then to return home. 7.75 miles each way and 15°f (actual, not “feels like”). We had a blast. Two fat bikes and two “regular” mountain bikes.

On nights like that, you definitely need something windproof. You’re right on the river and getting hit by some pretty stiff winds. But let’s face it, jackets don’t breathe very well, so once you start pedaling hard you end up overheating, getting sweaty, and then getting *really* cold. I was
20150114-IMG_4361wearing the new Endura FS260 Pro JetStream which blurs the line between jacket and jersey. I’ve always liked it, but this ride really solidified my love for the JetStream. Definitely my new favorite piece of cycling gear. It fits like a long sleeve jersey and has a waterproof & windproof front (body and sleeves) and a fleece lined lycra back which breathes and insulates amazingly. I wore that and a thin Endura BaaBaa merino wool base layer and I was perfectly comfortable the entire time. Remember I said it was 15°f?

The jersey and the base layer are awesome. We have both in stock right now; come try them on if you think it’s too cold outside to ride.

The ride was awesome. We had a blast. We’d love to have you join us next time. Keep an eye on our Facebook page about when the next one is happening.



Tune-up and Storage Specials

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storage special tune-up 2014